Nubá is the name given by the Koguí natives to the birds, which through their colorful flights and charming tweets connect the mythical Sierra Nevada to the alluring Caribbean Sea, inspiring us to create a relaxing habitat that is both authentic and… … Naturally Inspiring.

Enjoy an atmosphere created with love and respect for Mother Earth with materials that allow you to appreciate the perfect imperfection of nature and inspire you to love, play, dream, create, know others, know yourself or simply relax and rest.
Amazing adventures in the Sierra, Jungle or Sea that inspire you to know much more than you imagine.
Exotic blends of flavors and colors that inspire you to ask for more. A creative mix of bites without recipes that are going to surprise you every single day.
Very close to the beach and Main Street. Swimming Pool, Parking, Breakfast, WiFi, Resto-Bar, Inspiring garden visited for an incredible variety of charming birds.

Quiet & beautiful Boutique Hostel in the heart of “Palomino”. Amazing views to the magic Sierra Nevada. Special for people who enjoy peace & nature.